2020 Set of Rules

The Qatar Business Law Awards set out to recognise exceptional achievement within Qatar’s legal community.

To participate in the competition, please send your entry to: qatarbusinesslawforum@lexisnexis.fr.


1/ Eligibility

The competition is open to:

  • Qatari and international law firms with at least one office in Qatar carrying the branding of that firm.
  • Legal departments and in-house lawyers based in Qatar.

The time period covered by entries is the last 12 months prior to the entry deadline.
Law firms and in-house lawyers can submit one entry for each category as long as the entry criteria are met. Separate entry forms should be used for each category submission.

2/ Covering Statement, Evidence and Supporting Material

  • Each entry should not exceed 1000 words. Your entry is your statement.
  • You must convince the jury of your achievements using concrete evidence. Make your statement clear and simple, following the criteria provided in the Categories & Entry Criteria.
  • The period covered is the last 12 months prior to the entry deadline, so please indicate the date of each achievement you intend to mention. Judges are expecting objective and concrete statements.
  • You need to provide the judges with practical examples using objective data.
  • Your entry can include a maximum of two pieces of supporting material which must be images or visuals. If you do include such material, please refer to it in your covering statement.
  • All information contained in entries marked confidential will remain so, and will not be released without the permission of the entrant.

To participate in the competition, please send your entry (Word or Pdf) to: qatarbusinesslawforum@lexisnexis.fr